Growing a Great Garden

Vegetables from the home garden are fresher, may have better supplement esteems, and are regularly less exorbitant than those sold in stores. Notwithstanding giving healthy, minimal effort sustenance, vegetable cultivating is an intriguing side interest, one in which the entire family can participate. Different focal points of planting are that it gives stimulating open air work out, offers profitable movement for resigned, crippled, or incapacitated people, and is a magnificent showing instrument for youngsters.

To get the most out of your garden you should make arrangements right off the bat in the year and take after legitimate strides amid the cultivating season. The reason for this guide is to enable you to design and keep up a garden under Illinois developing conditions so you will have a plenteous supply of excellent vegetables at collect and (in the event that you solidify, can, or store your vegetables) consistently.

Stage 1 – Make Good Use of Your Location

Stage 2 – Plan Your Garden Layout

Stage 3 – Grow Recommended Varieties

Stage 4 – Obtain Good Seed, Plants, Equipment, and Supplies

Stage 5 – Prepare and Care for the Soil Properly

Stage 6 – Plant Your Vegetables Right

Stage 7 – Keep Down Weeds

Stage 8 – Control Pests

Stage 9 – Water Properly

Stage 10 – Harvest at Peak Quality